A. WARM UP (general)
1. Cardio – slow pace 5min (run, row, bike)
A.2 Mobility

B. WARM UP (specific)

Toes out walk, Toes in walk,Walk on heels,Walk on toes,Walk on outside of foot
Knee to chest, Bearl Crawl, Broad Jump, Frog Jump

C. Gymnastic strenght


2 x Assautl Bike (on:30s, off:20 s)

rest: 120 s

2 x Row Assautl Bike (on:30s, off:20 s)

rest: 3-5 min

100-200-400 row ( max. speed)

after every set: Assault Bike ( low pace) ratio 1:1 to time of 100-200-400 row

rest: 3-5 min

6 Rounds:

20 s Assault Bike (max.speed)

20 s Front Squat ( 30 kg/empty barbell)

60 rest

rest: 3 min

Death by wall ball, On:30 s

start with 2 add every 30 s 2 more

D. Cool down
1. Cardio – slow pace 5min (run, row, bike)
2. Mobilit Joints / Static & Dynamic Stretching

Trening #139 Tabata Assault Bike (25)-Crossfit Zabrze