Program Run Fast – to plan treningowy w oparciu o CrossFit Endurance  przygotowany dla biegaczki-amatorki.

Cel: 1:25 / półmaraton

Rzeźnik: 13 h

A. WARM UP (general)
1. Cardio – slow pace 5min (run, row, bike)
A.2 Mobility

B. WARM UP (specific)

Toes out walk, Toes in walk,Walk on heels,Walk on toes,Walk on outside of foot
Knee to chest, Bearl Crawl, Broad Jump, Frog Jump

C. Workout.

10 x 200 m incline: 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12 , speed: as fast as possible

between run: 90 s row 2:10-2:20/ ave 500 m for man 2:00-2:10/ ave 500 m

D. death by burpees : every 30 s add 2 burpess

Start with 2 burpees



Run Fast #1